Meeting Minutes VPO Board Meeting 10-3-2019

Called to Order 5:39 PM

Meeting called to order by Sarah Banks. Minutes recorded by Amie Tucker.


Sarah Banks, Malissa Hutchings, Tiffany Brush, Amie Tucker and Season Oltmann. 

Current Business

Board Members 

President: Sarah Banks

Vice President: Malissa Hutchings

Treasurer: Tiffany Brush

Secretary: Amie Tucker

Discussed roles of each board member. Each member has access to unique email accounts. Tiffany Brush, VPO Treasurer, will be added as a signer on bank account.


Volunteer Coordinator: Tiffany Brush

Website/Facebook: Malissa Hutchings and Sarah Banks

Student Store: Tiffany Barbee and Jovanna Faulkner-Arnold

Fall Fundraiser/Wreath Sales: Katie Henrickson

Book Fair: Shelly Lewis

8th Grade Graduation Planning: Malissa Hutchings and Rachel Whitaker

Parent District Council Representative: Sarah Banks

Approval of 2019/2020 HRMS VPO Budget

Tiffany Brush, VPO Treasurer, presented the 2019/2020 HRMS VPO Budget for review. Motion to approve budget by Amie Tucker. Seconded. All in favor.

Upcoming Events

Book Fair

Conference dinners

Wreath Fundraiser

October Dance

We Care


General Meeting October 10, 2019 at 5:30PM at HRMS