Harbor Ridge Middle School VPO Gig Harbor, WA
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About the VPO

Volunteer Parent Organization


Harbor Ridge VPO General Membership will meet each first Thursday of the month,

Join the 2018-2019 VPO board Thursday, May 2nd at 9am,
at Cutters Point on Olympic, to find out how you can help the VPO support HRMS through Spring and into next year.

Agenda items include, staff appreciation, principal’s report, budget report/planing, 2019-20 VPO Board nominations, spring fundraiser, and 8th grade celebration. Open forum provided at each meeting for new business and questions.

2018-19 Board of Directors

  • VPO Co-Presidents:

    Delaine Morgan | hrmspresident@gmail.com

    Malissa Hutchings | hrmsvicepresident@gmail.com

  • VPO Vice President:

    Season Oltmann | hrmsvicepresident@gmail.com

  • VPO Treasurer:

    Michelle easton | hrmstreasurer@gmail.com

  • VPO Secretary: 

  • Dawn Clarke | hrmssecretary@gmail.com


2018-19 Committee Chairs

  • ASB Chair (Liaison): Nicole Yamashiro

  • Book Fair Chair: Shelley Lewis

  • Dance Chair: Rachel Whitaker

  • Emergency Preparedness Chair: VACANT

  • Student Store scheduler: Lora Johnson

  • Student Store Purchasers: Lora Johnson 

  • Staff appreciation: Vacant

  • Volunteer Coordinator (we care):   VACANT

  • Parent Council Rep: Sasha Ericksen

  • VPO Communications & Web Manager: 

  • fundraising Chair: vacant

  • 8th Grade Events Chair: 

    • Jenny Hampton

    • Lisa Hale