Harbor Ridge Middle School VPO Gig Harbor, WA
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About the VPO

Volunteer Parent Organization


Harbor Ridge VPO general membership will meet monthly on the First Thursday of the Month at Harbor Ridge MS.

Board Tenure
July 1- June 30

2019-2020 Board
All board positions are open, as are many committee chairs. If you are interested in taking a leadership role in supporting Harbor Ridge staff and students for the upcoming school year, emailhrmsvolunteers@gmail.com. 

*The current board expires June 30 2019, to provide uninterrupted support to harbor ridge MS we are interested in filling these positions by the end of this month. 

2018-19 Board of Directors

  • VPO Co-Presidents:

    Delaine Morgan | hrmspresident@gmail.com

    Malissa Hutchings | hrmpresident@gmail.com

  • VPO Vice President:

    Season Oltmann | hrmsvicepresident@gmail.com

  • VPO Treasurer:

    Michelle easton | hrmstreasurer@gmail.com

  • VPO Secretary: 

  • Dawn Clarke | hrmssecretary@gmail.com


2018-19 Committee Chairs

  • ASB Chair (Liaison): 

  • Book Fair Chair: Shelley Lewis

  • Dance Chair:

  • Emergency Preparedness Chair:

  • Student Store scheduler: 

  • Student Store Purchasers:

  • Staff appreciation: 

  • Volunteer Coordinator (we care):   

  • Parent Council Rep:

  • VPO Communications & Web Manager: 

  • fall Fundraising Chairs: 

  • Spring Fundraising Chairs:

  • 8th Grade Events Chairs: